Every project and programme is an opportunity to innovate and find better ways to deliver.

There are many questions people ask me on daily bases which I sometimes do not have answers to, sometimes I’m able to point them in the right direction and other times I work with them to be the answers.

I need to take my business online to increase my reach and broaden my market, how do I go about it?

We want digital tools to smoothen business processes within our company, can you help us?

I just got out of school and I want to start a business, where do I begin?

I want to start a blog and build a ‘monetizeable’ strategy, how to get started?

With any of the above questions, hire me, and I will exceed your expectations. I work with you or you team to understand your expectations and project deliverables are often well discussed before work begins.

Digital Innovation Consulting

“The only way to discover the limits of what is possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” –Arthur C. Clarke

Every business needs continuous innovation to remain relevant. Do you have a small to medium size business or large firm? I will work with your team to implement proven innovation process in your business with strategies to measure progress. I work with individuals and organizations to build marketable online brand that will help turn your target customers into paying clients. With our digital systems in your business, you get more done with less resources so you can concentrate on improving value to your clients. Concentrate on your products or services and let me and my team handle all your Digital needs for you.

Business Startup

A successful business can give you personal freedom to live according to your own rules. However more than 90% of startups fail before they can make any meaningful impact. To avoid following the path of the many, you need take your idea through a proven process. Learning through personal mistakes while starting numerous businesses, I have helped many aspiring entrepreneurs move from idea to market and you can be the next. If you have a concept or passion for entrepreneurship, I will work with you to develop a value proposition in your chosen industry or market. I will help you develop a business plan for investors no matter the stage of your business development. I love working with startups and it will be fun to work with you.

I Speak At Events

I deliver energizing, passionate, and wildly practical keynotes in English to audience across Africa. I will help your audience find their passion – cultivating new ideas, launching powerful change initiatives, and gaining the creative confidence to fuel progress. Not only will I light up your next corporate event, the impact will last months and years to come with actionable tools and practical takeaways. I speak on entrepreneurship and innovation, digital transformation and personal health. I will also help you in your event planning to make sure you are using the right tools and techniques based on your target audience and general aim for the event.

Personal Health Coaching

Health is a personal thing not communal. If you want to remain healthy in the fast paced world you need to be health conscious. Many health coaches give life style changes that is hard to implement but it does not have to be so. I will review your current health status and help you improve your health in a sustainable way through nutrition. I consult for free because I believe everyone has the right to be healthy and this is my way of given back.

Forex Trade Coaching

I'm an advanced trader in the spot Forex markets and have managed over $100,000 personal Forex profile. If you want an introductory coaching on Forex markets or advance techniques that will help you become a profitable trader, I'm your guy. I teach very practical strategies that will help you make more profits trading spot Forex. I have worked with traders of all kinds, from day traders to swingers and I have proven strategies for all kind of market conditions. However, I believe Forex is not a get rich quick scheme and that mindset should be abandoned by anyone who wants to build a life trading the Forex markets. You need a good capital to be able to trade Forex else, it is better you stay away.

Medical Startup Research

Starting a medical business like pharmacy, medical laboratory or a hospital can be daunting especially for investors who do not have a medical background. I'm a professional doctor in the medical field with about 4 years of experience working with startups in the industry and equipment suppliers. You do not have to worry about the regulations and the processes, I will take care of all that for you. I will also link you up with suppliers who accept part payment for a complete setup. I also work in medical research and have on some classical research projects. I will build the right team of scientist for your medical research project.