What is it that makes you unique?

Today we are taking a break from our series. This issue struck me today and I just thought it couldn’t wait. You were born unique. Everyone was. But what is it that makes you unique? We will cover that in this article. We will also discuss why it important to be different.

I had this supervisor back in school who once asked me, he said ” Hey Kannde, in case you complete school, what do you think I will remember about you?”

In my mind, I was like “hey, shouldn’t I be asking you that?” but you know I couldn’t actually say that to him so I smiled and said, Sir, unless you tell me.

He insisted that I should tell him what I thought. Then I remembered I always argued against his views and I reminded him about it. He laughed and said, “Well, not what I was thinking but that is right, I can’t forget about that”.

This man was so particular about leaving footprints. As soon as he takes over a new office or lab, he would change everything by simply redesigning the place. Equipment that was facing east would face west and so forth. His reason for doing this was instant notice of change. He believed that even though change is often thought of as a state of mind, physical structures have its influence as well. He didn’t need a week or a month to be noticed. All he needed was some few hours and people will notice the change.

The point is, it is very important that you leave a mark anywhere you have been. It is very valuable either in business or in a relationship or anything involving humans. I am not encouraging you to change things for changing sake. However if that will get you noticed, I will say do it. You have to give a car dealer the reason to turn down other buyers for your sake.

We often think leaving a legacy takes much effort. But is not often the case. It is the little things that make the most difference. Give people enough reasons to notice you. Let them have something to remember about you even when you are no more in contact.


Take a look at the above picture, where did your attention go? Remember, the objects are of the same size and color but you noticed one immediately.  It was not because that it is  nicer, bigger or better than the others. It just a little different. If you show your difference people can’t help but notice you.

At this point you may be thinking, “what is the point of getting noticed?”. Well, everything boils down to getting noticed. You don’t exist if no one knows about you. You cannot help the world until you are noticed. No matter how much value you have to offer, you first have to get people attention. Even if you sold a bar of gold for $1 and nobody knows about you, it matters not. That is how important getting noticed is.

Fortunately, we were all created with unique features to the detail. No two people on planet earth are exactly the same.The problem however is that the society has modelled ‘accepted’ ways of doing things which tamed our uniqueness a bit. It is necessary knowing however, that the few people who have left marks are those that defy this societal rules in one way or another.

Try as much as possible to always represent your true self. You do not have to conform to every norm. Make sure you have a positive impact on everyone you meet. If not in action but at least with your intentions. Give them a reason to remember you. It may be in the way you talk, your way of dressing, your attitude or just something peculiar about you.

When you head Bill Gates, Mark Zurkerberg? Steve Jobs(RIP) Mr. Bean? Ibrahimovic? Usain Bolt? and so on. What mental image comes to mind? There is something about these people that leaves a mental picture in your mind.

I mentioned these people because we probably are all familiar with them but there are people in our lives that you can’t seem to forget. You might not know exactly why but if you dig deep, you will realize most of these people have something unique about them that makes them stand out from everybody else.

I was just looking at some picture compilation of Steve Jobs and you will wonder what it was with turtle neck that this phenomenal entrepreneur couldn’t let go.steve-turtleneck.jpg

You need to have something about you that people won’t easily forget and you can do this by simply being yourself. If you do not hold back too much you will naturally come off as unique.

So what is it about you that you think people can’t forget?



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