Unchecked erosion threatens an entire suburb of Bimbilla.

I remember I use to roam around with my area boys eating everything that came our way when I was younger. We use to eat frogs, crickets, snakes (python) and other small animals. We mostly got the chance to engage in this ecstatic hobby on weekends when we had to wash our cloths at the dam. But it’s been years since I visited one of the sweet spots of those days in Bimbilla.

A few days ago I had the chance to take a tour around the area upon my return from Tamale. A friend told me something I could not believe. The spot we use to visit so much is now a trench dug by nature. Others joined in the discussion describing what had happen to that area in the span of two years. I just had to go take a look for myself. I was dumbfounded. An area that had one of the best landscapes in Bimbilla has been affected by one of the most terrible erosion I have ever seen.

effects of erosion
This is the level of erosion going on, this is not sand winning, effects of unchecked erosion in the span of two years.

“Is the district assembly aware of this?” I asked while still in a state of disbelieve. I was told the MCE visited sometime ago. There is no gutter constructed in the area. And the slope of the area makes it a sweet target for erosion during the rainy seasons.

unchecked erosion in Bimbilla
The erosion is eating away the top soil along the plants and trees.

This is a suburb of Bimbilla known as Alurani basically for the green nature of the area. It is an area with so many trees and a lovely landscape. But if nothing is done about this situation in few rainy seasons the entire area may have to relocate. The erosion is growing close to the houses and the residents are worried about what may become of their homes. A lot of farms have been eaten away already.

One of the affected homes

We met one victim whose house has bee affected. And this is what he had to say; When we came here 5 years ago the land was flat like a football field, this was a very nice place and nobody thought in a few years we would lose our house and land. Three years ago we saw that there was small gutter formed by the running rain water. We did what we could do to prevent it from getting wider. But our effort was simply not enough. We reported to the assembly but nothing was done. If there was a gutter constructed I dont think this would have happened.

But I was still in a state of complete disbelieve. I know what erosion can do from my SHS science lessons but I had not seen anything like this before. And the worry in the faces of the local people who were taking me around the place was just unbearable.


effects of erosion
This house may not make the next rainy season.

As we moved along the developing trench we came across the boreholes that the community often depended on for water and the trench had destroyed all but one of the boreholes. The women have to carry the water down through the trench to get the other side. It was just so scary to me.

effects of erosion
The only working borehole left in the community.


effects of erosion
One of the destroyed borehole. Three years ago this was on flat land.
effects of erosion showing a broken borehole
Another broken borehole.

You can take a view of how the place looks like with this short video I put together.

I have tried to give you and experience of how the place looks but upon all the pictures, it is not representative enough. If you are in Bimbilla township you can go down and see for yourself. It is a worrisome sight.

I wish to use this platform to call on the assembly and any organisation that can help in anyway to save this community and its plantation from the powerful effects of this erosion. It is bad enough but if nothing is done many families in the community will be displaced.

The people have cried out for long with no help forth coming and the third rainy season is fast approaching. If you also know any organisation who can help please contact me through my contact form or just live chat me.

You can also help this community by sharing this to your platforms. One share may save a community. Thank you.



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