Trying comes before success or failure.

success and failure

You win by trying and you also lose by trying. You fail by trying and you also succeed by trying… It all begins with a trial. But so many people are so scared of the potential to fail that they can’t afford to try. Meanwhile, without trying, you have failed already because you have no chance of success.

Why do people fear trying? Because in the primitive era it was often between life and death. Trying to do things without following the proven path involved either success or death. So instincts were built to follow the proven path.

Hunt Like Your Ancestors: Primitive Hunting Techniques That Work ...
Painting of a primitive hunting technique.

Today trying is no more a matter of life and death but we still allow the primary instincts to rule us. When trying public speaking, everyone knows that failure will not lead to death but we still treat it like it would.

A man who has a fear of rejection by women will practically face a bull than to propose to a woman. Meanwhile facing a bull may lead to bodily damage whiles getting a rejection from a woman leaves no bruise.

To overcome your fear of trying, you need to actively think about the actual risk involved with whatever you want to try and not the perceived risk. Most often you will see that the fear is needless. Doing this does not eliminate the fear but it at least affords you an intellectual push to try in spite of the fear. And that is the only way success can be achieved.


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