The political mind: read mine.

That we should vote for peace because the current administration is violent and doesn’t want peace. But where I come from the story is different, since 2014 we had never known peace. It was just shootings after shootings. We were always suffocating in curfews but since Nana’s swearing-in, we have had only one shooting in 2017 and since then we have enjoyed relative peace. Now curfew is only nominal, some kind of normalcy has been returned to the land.

This is in my direct experience. I do not have to speak of Dagbong and the results this administration has helped achieve.

Relatively Ghana has been on the same level of peace since John Mahama’s era per the annual Global Peace Index reports which anyone can verify. This year Ghana was one place better to a third place in Africa and first in West Africa which it has been for a long time now.

Free SHS has lots of problems with its implementation because I personally believe Nana rushed the process for political points. However, I am not yet convinced Mahama can do any better. What I know is that such ambitious projects by a developing nation just needs time to get normal.

Nana’s campaign was centred on criticizing the economic policies of Mahama’s administration where Bawumia was a champion, they criticized Mahama for borrowing, and they turned around and borrowed probably even more.

However, one can see that Nana’s administration is doing more in terms of expenditure compared to revenue generation via taxes and other levies. With the NABCO program, so many job recruitment (which was locked under Mahama’s administration), the various allowances and now with COVID related utility laydowns.

 Generally, it is obvious that Nana has a bigger expenditure. The roads and other infrastructural projects are not left out. So many interchanges and road projects on going which Mahama’s administration was noted for.

Nana also has more good faith from organizations and influential individuals and we can see how this administration has collaborated with private people that yielded very good projects. Famous among them is the centre for infectious disease in Ghana which was privately funded. It is a project I am personally very proud of.

Year of return, it kept Ghana at the forefront of diaspora come back discussion. GHANA reportedly generated close to $2 Billion whiles welcoming about 1.5 million tourists in the process. If you are not proud of this then you are likely not a Ghanaian. GHANA was literally celebrated across the globe for the forward-thinking. There are lots of investors in the diaspora that are coming in to invest in Africa via Ghana because of the idea.

There are challenges with this administration but every well-meaning Ghanaian knows Ghana is a developing nation hence challenges is our second name. And no administration can even score close to perfect. Nana has implemented some populist projects purposely for political points but that is normal for any political party. It is a general problem with our political system. You can read my thoughts on that.

Allegations of corruption here and there which was the same if not worse under Mahama. Clearly corruption is still a big challenge for us as a nation but no government can make any meaningful promises about that in the short term. It is a generational problem that we fight one bite at a time.

Mahama promised equitable economy which is not a party centred. That is a good promise but let’s look at our political history. You will see that NABCO, NHIS, Free SHS has been some of the policies that are closest to equitable government policies and we can trace where those policies came from. The light and water bill softening is universal irrespective.

Nana’s administration is doing well with the formalization of our economy with the digitization spree led by our Vice, Bawumia. Digital address system, national ID and digitization efforts with our healthcare system. I am very impressed with that because I hold such progress high for any country’s growth.

Free healthcare is a good promise but just like Mahama said in 2016 that Ghana was not ready for sharp implementation for free SHS, it is the same for health. Unfortunately, while problems with Free SHS leads to troubled students and exposure of the falling standard of our educational system, such problems when encountered in the health sector can lead to loss of lives and exacerbate the declining confidence in our health sector and dire consequences on our economy.

Everyone who works under NHIS during Mahama’s era will tell you how hard it got. Service providers were suffocating with no funds to clear the debt. Now it is not the same though not yet perfect but comparatively better. One time premium failed. I am not saying free universal primary health can’t be achieved but I leave it to your judgement.

I could go and on. These are some of the issues that form the bases for my decision of supporting 4more for Nana. I believe the story Nana started will get clearer with time.

The time for primitive politics of insults has to end, we have to focus on policies with growth potential. Name-calling and baseless arguments do not help our nation.

To my fellows, if you have any political opinion don’t let the noisemakers stop you from talking. If we don’t actively participate we shouldn’t expect any meaningful changes to our political scene. Politics is important for our country growth and you can’t just sit akimbo and hoping for the best. I have spoken on why we the youth should overthrow the government in our thinking but it does not mean when can we should not contribute to shaping it as much as we can.

Let people know your thoughts and no matter how small it helps, together we make a better impact. We have a terrible political system but that is what we’ve got, we need to make the best of it as possible. The political conversation in this country needs a swift uplift.


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