The District Scholarship Scheme: Bimbilla Beneficiaries Frustrated

The district Scholarship Scheme launched July last year was one of the most talked-about program under this current government. I was personally delighted by the idea of helping needy students through these tertiary scholarships. About 30,000 tertiary students across Ghana have reportedly received some of the aid from the program. Unfortunately, not a single beneficiary has actually received the aid in Nanumba North Municipality. Many students have been left frustrated after they were selected for the scholarship.

I was moved to write this because a lot of the beneficiaries have complained to me about how they are being hustled at their various schools for school fees. And I know personally how unsettling that kind of situation is for any student.

The district selected 85 students after applicants had gone through the application and interview process. According to the management of the scholarship scheme, the Nanumba North Municipal received Gh 80,000 to be disbursed among the selected students. The selected members were informed of their selection and notice was sent to the various schools. Unfortunately, none of the beneficiaries has received actual payment leaving them frustrated.

Speaking to a group of beneficiary students, I was told that many of them could not register for the academic term and many stood a chance of being evicted from their accommodation because they had to use their accommodation fees to settle school fees in order to register for the academic term. Many of them made plans based on the scholarship funds and they delay in disbursement leaves them unsettled.

They wish to plea with the management of the Nanumba North Municipal Scholarship Scheme to prioritize the disbursement of the fees so they can make their financial settlements and focus on their academic work.

These students are in school with beneficiaries from other districts and under the same scheme who have received their aid and they don’t understand why theirs is not forthcoming. According to my correspondent, they have engaged the assembly many times on this issue but the story never changes.

I don’t know who needs to see this plea but I hope that they sought out this problem as quickly as possible. Please use your office to make it easier for our students and not otherwise for they are the future of the land.


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