Optional King wins TV3 mentor reloaded

You remember the article about Mohammed Lukman aka The optional King, I personally thank anyone who showed support. Optional King wins TV3 mentor reloaded after a classical grand finale performance. Yester night, Optional King shut down the entire Accra International Conference Center as audiences went wild with the announcement of finalist as the winner of the TV3 Mentor Reloaded and twitter and other social media went crazy.


After thirteen weeks of intense competition and entertainment on TV3, Optional King from the north emerges the winner for the prestigious event and he will walk home to a new two bed room apartment in one of the most serene neighbourhoods in Ghana.

This however is not a win for him as he says, it is a win for everyone at home, it is a win for north, and it is a win for Ghana. Over the years, music and talent activities have always been concentrated in the south. This led to a widespread notion that northerners are not favored.

This believe limits the mindset in northern born talent to dream big. They often think they can’t make it to the national level because of the North-South divide. He proved that notion wrong with a monstrous appearance in the national scene. He prove it wrong by winning. The message is clear.

optional king holding a mic
Optional King in a warrior outfit for the final performance.

This win puts hope back in the youth of the north to push themselves. Optional King says with the win “No one is against the north, you just have to show up, represent yourself and prove your worth”.

Optional King has kept in a consistency performance, projecting the culture of the northern sector night after night and the judges described him as ready for the showbiz industry.

Optional King says a big THANK YOU to all those who supported in anyways. “I could not be here alone, I was on the stage but you made it possible. Thank you.”



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