Medical Laboratory Scientists are fighting in the interest of the public.

One thing I learned very early on in life is to appreciate everyone and what they do. When I watch a carpenter go about his work, I watch with marvel and wonder. When a tailor is tearing up clothes with scissors and seeing its future as a wearable, I watch with awe.

My quest to understand has led me to learn a lot about several fields, enough to understand the work and dedication that goes into it. This helps me appreciate their work even better rather than lead me to believe arrogantly that I can do all things.

For instance, at the hospitals, I look at the work nurses do, the dedication and time given. I look at what physicians do, the follow-up and care on several patients. Pharmacists and Midwives and all the other members of the health team I have had the pleasure of observing. I have never undermined or think that I can take another person’s job.

I think it is just arrogance and selfishness if a whole profession sets its younger ones up to think they are entitled to other professions when they feel like it, they can just move into any profession with little to no knowledge of what is done there. Disregarding all the laws, ethics and professional code of conduct that govern the practice.

Some physicians have a misconception that every work in the health sector is for them since those professions didn’t exist and they had to do it all.
They forget that at a point even modern medical practice as we know it didn’t exist. It was just a one-man show which still exists today as traditional medicine (the ones our grand moms’ practice).

Fortunately, the world has learned over the years at the cost of massive resources, time and lives. Every new information discovered brings more complexity to healthcare delivery and extends life expectancies when properly handled.
To think of health care today as a one-man show is to request that we go back in time. This kind of thinking is dangerous to the practice of medicine. As mentioned earlier, the different professions in the health team didn’t come about from the heart feeling of physicians, they came as a result of necessity.

This group of dinosaurs (with all due respect) need to realize that even what we practice today is going to change as time goes on. As we are busy engaging in these rather dull and unnecessary squabbles among ourselves, our colleagues out there are collaborating under the spirit of respect and getting more helpful ideas into the healthcare practice.

In our country physicians (the captains of healthcare) doesn’t even have a clear idea of what they are supposed to be doing not to talk of leading serious medical works that can lead to breakthroughs. They never fight for the improvement of healthcare in this country except for their salaries and condition of service. If they don’t want aeroplanes today then it is helicopters tomorrow.

Lab scientists declare indefinite nationwide strike | 3news
Medical laboratory scientist on a sit down strike at KATH in Kumasi.

Medical laboratory scientists have gone on strike for the implementation of national medical laboratory policy which will bring a decisive conclusion to all this rivalry with our brothers in medicine. All these strikes only led to a memorandum of understanding and nothing is done afterwards. Millions of taxpayers money were spent on developing the said document using international standard practice only to be left to gather dust because physicians insist it is edited to make it possible for them to head the laboratories and its workers even when it is against every standard practice.

Medical Laboratory Scientists are weak because their rivals have occupied every key decision-making point and lording their interests over that of better healthcare delivery in this country. Our problems in this country are not only limited to lack of infrastructure, there is a lack of cooperation and coordination.

I stand with medical laboratory scientists as they fight to improve their practice. They are not asking for salary despite taking 3-4 times less salary than their rivals. They are asking for improvement that will allow for development with their profession. They are asking for their independence, which the laws of Ghana have already granted.


  1. Dr, you’ve said it all. This idea of “we must be in charge of everything must stop”. Grow up my good friends (physicians), change is constant for development. We at the lab are not questioning why politicians are taking more salaries than us, as you usually do. We’re saying ” stay in your lane” pleeaassee!!

    You’d loose the respect we in the health sector and the general public have for you. It’s a piece of advice.


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