It is not safe anymore

The same reason my parents can’t stop asking me “when are you getting a job?” is the same reason many people are stuck where they’d rather not be. The conventional way of thinking runs so deep that it seems insane to do otherwise. Many people don’t get the fact that it is not safe anymore. The rules have changed.

As I indicated in the previous article “overthrow the government”, it use to be safe and cool to be on the good side of government. You were well taken care of and all your needs met even before you left school. But today, the government have no such capacity, they can’t even if they wanted to.

You know the age-old advice that almost all of us have gotten “study hard, get a good degree, get a good job and you will be fine”. Well, not anymore. Even if you can manage to do all that, you are not fine. Unless of course, you are ready to settle for mediocrity.

Unfortunately, instead of accepting this fact and forging a different path, most people think corruption is the way out. That is why our corruption index keeps going up despite highly schooled individuals joining public offices. The reality is that their salary can’t cut it.

So when anyone comes around with something ‘unexpected’ they look at the hefty load and forget to analyze the true implication of their actions. As long as he gets the money, nothing else matters. Image result for corruption in ghana

Even upon the level of corruption in this country, people generally are not living beyond the bar. It tells you that what we think is safe is not safe anymore. You can’t spend so many years and money to get a good degree, struggle afterwards to get a good job only to have to steal on a daily bases just to feel safe.

It speaks deeply to us that things have changed. It is time to challenge conventional thinking and think differently.

Especially for the millennial, forget about employee loyalty. In the near future companies will shift out older staff to avoid paying extra for their health and other requirements. And also to welcome fresh blood who are more hungry, creative and willing to accept low salaries.

Besides, imagine, you study hard, get a good degree and hands over your future, your children’s education, your family’s future to someone who does not have you as a priority. As far as he is concerned you are just another employee. That looks pretty risky to me. What happens if they have to cut numbers? What happens if the company do not want your service anymore? Do you still think that is safe? Think again.

What is the safer way?

The safer way is scary. It feels safer to be in the crowd, be a cock in the system and not be seen or heard. It feels safer to be liked (or not be hated) and we often think it is better to keep our inner voices down to play along.

Think about it, how do you stand out if you are in the crowd? How do you achieve greatness when you don’t let yourself try? How do you succeed when you don’t want to be noticed?

The safer way is the scary one. You have to bring yourself out of hiding. You have to realize hiding away your creative genius is the most selfish and greediest thing to do. Bring your contribution forward. Come out of the crowd, challenge the status quo and draft your own path.

A friend of mine who had been struggling with money issues texts me early in the morning one day. He says “Kannde, I have made it”. “What is it?” I asked. I could feel his excitement. He is one of the people who dared the conventional system, ended his formal education and went away from his home town to find his away.

“Now I make between GH₵ 2000-5000 every day,” he says. I went through his records and I was infected with his level of excitement. This is not a friend from USA or UK or any of the developed worlds. This is a Ghanaian friend from Ho, Volta.

Now you are thinking, “how is that possible?” There is one myth about money and prosperity that runs deep in this country and it is so unfortunate. That money makes money so if you were born poor, you can’t make it.

We still believe this despite the fact that statistics prove it wrong. Every day we hear or read about someone’s breakthrough. It is just an excuse we give ourselves to feel more comfortable in a state of mediocrity. After all, it is not your fault, you were born poor.

This friend had been struggling in Accra, from one business to another trying to find something that works for him. He had told me about a new retail company called Sairui Mall. He was enthusiastic and it’s no shock that he found that amazing level of success with Sairui Mall. I will write about this opportunity in a future article (But you can contact if you want to know more about it now).

I believe in a self-discovered path for life. There is no one fit solution for everything in life. Instead, there are numerous possibilities and every person deserves the right to figure out the formula that works.

Everyone have got something within, something that is so loud and wants to be let out. But society has a way of taming us to keep our thoughts to ourselves and do what we are told. Unfortunately, you cannot find success doing what you are told. It just doesn’t work that way.

Break the conventional rules, try something. Fail more. Give yourself permission to fail. Failure is the steps to success. Yes I know, it is scary but that is the only way. You need to face your fears before you can beat it. If you run away today, when will you ever have a chance to conquer?

There is no single person who has tried something new and found success except he was ridiculed, hated or advised to stop. People are not familiar with new hence they will be afraid when you are heading there. Sometimes (often) the people have the best intentions for you. But that does not mean they are right.

It is OK to work for somebody but make it a point to have your own dreams. Never plan to work for someone throughout your life. Remember, you are not their priority hence your needs will always come last.

You should work for people only to gain experience and information in order to go on your own. That is the way today. The salary won’t simply cut it.  Do not deprive the world of your own contribution and creative genius. Break the obscurity, get noticed and share what you have.


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