Is TikTok really shutdown? All you need to know

#TikTokDown is still trending to this moment. I am not a user of TikTok but I cannot say I have not enjoyed tonnes of content created using the TikTok app. It was a bit heartbreaking seeing the trend so I decided to fact check what was happening. This article is about what I found after a few hours of checking the truth about what was going on.

TikTok is currently in the middle of a big military and political tensions between India and China and some kind of trade tensions between Australia and China. That is getting confusing, what does China get to do with this? Well, you will see in this article how everything links up.

What is TikTok and who own it?

TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance. ByteDance is a Beijing-based internet technology company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. Most Chinese companies are often confined to China but TikTok like Huawei and some few other companies have managed to get into the global platform.

When the news that a beta release of Apple’s iOS 14 came, TikTok was caught secretly accessing users’ clipboards. This adds up to so many privacy issues already held against the social media giant as it gets to push content directly to the screens of citizens of the USA and other powerful countries.

India banned TikTok last week, and secretary of State Mike Pompeo hinted at a possible investigation on TikTok and other Chinese apps by the US government during an interview with Fox News. News also came that Australia government was under intense pressure to do the same.

Before the ban, TikTok had about 200 million registered users in India. It had been downloaded 660 million times since its launch in India. Parent ByteDance employs about 2000 people in India. The ban could lead to a loss as much as $6Billion.

So does that mean TikTok will shut down soon?

No, or at least not anytime soon. After India announced the ban, ByteDance management is considering moving the company headquarters outside China to cut ties with the Chinese government which has been the cause for concern for many governments. Many allegations have been labelled against the company of sharing user data with the Chinese government which they have denied on many occasions.

ByteDance’s has many United States investors such as Coatue Management, General Atlantic, and Sequoia Capital among its backers.

TikTok is under a which pressure but they are not the first company and I don’t see this taking TikTok down anytime soon.

So where from the #TikTokDown trend?

Well, there was a glitch on the platform that led to a temporary loss of views and followers on people’s profiles globally. This glitch did not stay for too long and many users did not even notice it. However, the glitch caught up with the pressure rumours that were already surrounding TikTok and led to the trend.

So TikTok is not down and it is unlikely to go down anytime soon. Well, unless your government decides to ban it in your country which is not very likely for Ghana anytime soon.


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