Is gossiping a bad habit? Why I don’t think so

I love gossiping, like a lot! Gossiping is bad, huh?. I was raised to believe that gossiping is a bad habit. Unfortunately it was the order of the day. My mom will gossip with me and my siblings about dad. Dad wasn’t also an angel in this department, he will do same while still teaching us how bad it was to gossip. But is gossiping really a bad habit? Let’s see why I don’t think so.
I realised gossiping is not as bad as everyone like to think. We only chose to focus on its bad application. I tried for many years trying to eliminate the habit of gossiping to no avail. Then I realised gossiping could be used as a tool for personal growth. People just need to find the right things to gossip about.
I learned to change from gossiping about people in my immediate environment to people who really matter to my growth. Started gossiping about highly successful people and their success process. I begun to digest the success path of successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and other public figures because I knew I wanted to tow their path.
Instead of spending hours talking about my neighbour’s long ears and big head, I’ll rather gossip about the new company a young Ghanaian Isaac Sesi is building. I will focus on what he is doing right. I do this in ways that shows me how to twist mine to find his level of success.
Instead of checking for ‘filla’ on the next guy the girl next door is fuck*ng, I rather google on how Kwame Despite managed to build his wealth from scratch right here in Ghana. I do this to motivate me to keep going despite the monstrous challenges hitting me everyday.
I spend hours almost everyday, talking about successful entrepreneurs with my business partner and mentor  especially when we working on a related project. We gossip about what they are doing right and the areas that could do with some improvements. We do this while looking out for opportunities to innovate.
Gossiping as habit is neither bad nor good, it depends on how we think about it or apply it. You can engage in the kind of gossip that only waste away your time without leading to any measurable progress. Or you can actually make gossiping a tool for gaining insights for growth. Most researches are just forms of gossip. Google search is another form of gossip depending on how you look at it.
Many habits are duped ‘bad’ when in fact, there can be twisted for personal growth. The thing is that, habits are often so difficult to eliminate but twisting them isn’t as difficult. For instance, instead of trying to reduce or eliminate screen time you could start reading books on your phone. Instead of watching movies you could be watching video training materials to develop your skills. There are numerous ways you  can transform seemingly bad habits into excellent fuel for personal growth.
You just need to think deep about your habits and see those that work for your growth and those that don’t. Develop good habits more and learn to twist the bad ones to your advantage. By bad ones, I mean those that do not work for your own good. I don’t see a habit as bad because a religion said so. I see it in respect to whether or not it work for my progress as a person and my contribution to society.


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