I see no changes

In 2016 I saw a friend and class mate who I hadn’t seen in a long time and I hardly could recognize him. It was not my fault though. The last time I saw him he was just as lanky as me but that day he looked like Dwaye Johnson. “How did you become like that bro?” I asked in amazement. “I lift weight, you can too” he replied. In I see no changes, we will talk about how we can marry our expectations with our set goals and ambitions.

I went home that day, and I started with push-ups, looking at my biceps every step of the way. After a while, I saw the fake muscle hypertrophy and was delighted, “that easy?” I was able to continue the push-ups for a week. Then I realized all the fake appearance dissipated. I was just lanky again but with pain all over my muscles. I quit.

Why this story if there is no happy ending?

Whether you want to get more muscles or make a million dollars, the principles are the same. We often expect to see changes in line with our expectations the moment we begin our plan.

If the changes we expect to see actually begin to happen right before our eyes, we have no problem continuing. The motivation is high and we are happy to do it every day.

Unfortunately life does not work that way. In most cases it’s not about the action you take as it is about the consistency with which you take that action. That is why you easily quit from any target you set for yourself. As soon as you see no changes, you guess that you are doing the wrong thing and then you quit.

Think about it, what effect does pasting for 4 minutes in a day have on your teeth? It does not make it any whiter or do anything spectacular. But stop doing it and see the results in a week or more.

In most cases the action does not lead to a visible change, the secret is in the consistency with which it is done. If I was able to continue lifting weight every day till today, that would be about 4 years of lifting and there is no way I would not have seen results.

Unfortunately we always look out for that immediate gratification. We often fall into thinking, if I am not getting the results it means am doing the wrong thing.

That is the same reason motivational messages don’t lead to anything. Motivation is not outside of you but within. What is needed is the right information and the right commitment from you to do it and continue to do it even if you don’t get the results overnight.

We have heard so many racks to riches stories. When has it ever happened overnight? He was hawking petrol along the streets and today look at him. But have you analyzed how long it took? The hardships, the failures, the name calling, the disappointments etc., you should go deeper.

One meal does not make a visible change in our body size but stop eating for 3 days and you will see the difference. That is how the world works.

People want to read one book and just end up being smarter than everyone else. But it takes more than that. You will have to go several years feeling like you are just wasting your time and before you know, you will be saying and doing things that shock yourself.

Make your goals clear, make a plan and go to work. It is important to evaluate your plans but you need to have the right metrics. Do not be dissuaded easily just because you don’t see the results. You don’t get a baby in one month by impregnating nine women. Somethings just take time.


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