Have you asked for the price?

Anytime I saw this man he was in one fight or another, he would always be shouting on top of his voice trying to defend his opinion.
One day I decided to find out why this was the case. Luckily he was once again in a fight. I asked what the fight was about, apparently, it was about an item he had bought, used and was having a problem paying the price, he wanted to pay much lower than the cost of the item.

My next question was “did he know the price before the purchase?” The answer was a ‘no’, although the sellers assume he should have known the price before using the item. I asked the man whether that had always been the reason he fights with everyone else and he nodded to that.
Now you might be thinking, “is the man insane?” How can you buy something without asking the price first? Pause in judgement and let’s delve into this.

Aren’t most of us behaving like that? Think about it, how many people are disgruntled at their workplaces? How many people are living a life of constant complaints about almost everything? There is really no big difference between the man in the story and most people in their decision-making process. In this article, you will see how this affects your life and most importantly how to correct it once and for all.

Most often, when we are making very important life choices we tend to look only at the good side of the decision. It often goes like this “The girl is beautiful, she is loving and respectful, I want to marry her”, “It is a very good job, it pays GH¢ 50 an hour I have to take it”, “This business is lucrative, I have to start it, see how Mr Abu is making it big” and so forth.

Just before you go on, pause and ask yourself, what is the price? In life everything is a transaction, every decision you make, every action you take are transactions and must be treated as such.

When you go to buy something from a supermarket, you go for the value the item has for you and though it is painful to lose your hard-earned money you think it is a price worth paying. This decision to buy or not to is no different than your decision to marry the girl or not to, to start the business or not to and so forth. The issue here is, with the item, you know/see the price and are willing to pay but when it comes to the other issues, you make no effort in knowing the price. You either assume the price or totally ignore it. This is the reason behind the mass depressed and unsatisfied population we have today.

People have bought items without knowing the price and when it is time to pay, there don’t see why they should pay that high because they don’t see the value that much.

Before you make a decision, it is imperative that you first take a look at the downside and painful side of it before you consider the value it brings. The good side is the value and the painful side is the price. Until you think the value is more than the price, you don’t make a purchase or you will be faced with buyer’s remorse which is what many people are facing today.

Yes, the girl is beautiful, loving and respectful but is she fun to live with? Does she nag over small issues, is she lazy? These questions are not to suggest the girl you marry must be perfect. It just means that you have to know the price at which you are marrying her and see whether you are willing to pay. If you ignore this and the fee is due, you have yourself to blame. And you can see why many marriages can’t last a year lately.

Just before you chose to be an entrepreneur, consider the downside first not the glory. Yes everyone would like to be that fancy CEO, the self-made millionaire who drives the nicest of cars and get recognised everywhere. But at what price? are you willing to work 24/7 with no break or vacation for 3 years straight on a project only to have it rejected by the market and you have to go back to the drawing board? Are you ready to face the uncertainties and roughness this life brings? This is the price to pay to be the fancy CEO, and the most depressing thing is that there is no guarantee, you can do all that and it will lead nowhere.

Unfortunately, that is what it takes. There is no point in ignoring this and going for the value. You need to face the price first as you’d do in any reasonable transaction. This way you are truly ready for what it takes.

If you treat every decision as a transaction and it is, you will begin to experience a heightened level of satisfaction in every decision you take and the results it brings. This will increase your chances of finding success in any chosen field.

The next time you are faced with an important decision, do not be like the man who goes to buy things without knowing the price. Ask the price, weigh your option and decide if you are willing to pay. The price is the dark side, the side everyone is avoiding. The loses, the pain, the rejection, the failures, the nagging, the cheating, the disloyalty and so on. Seek information on the other side of the value. If the price is not written, ask for it.


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