Happy to be poor: Episode 9

History is filled with great lessons for the man who wants to do great things. There is no single person who has achieved any extraordinary success without having to go through extraordinary setbacks. If you want to do great things you have to try great things. And the more you try great things the bigger your falls. No one can figure out what exactly will happen from beginning to end of any endeavour. Somehow, life is just a big game of puzzle without automatic reset or cues. You have to play without seeing the end result. In happy to be poor: Episode 9, we shall focus on some useful tips on how to go about playing.

You will recall that we talked about how to get the job if you have the qualifications in the previous episode.

What if you have no qualifications?

Well, you need to go get the qualifications if indeed you are certain that is what you want to do. But before that, you have to establish a relationship with the organization you are interested in joining.

Imagine that you are the manager of a firm and a young man walks in with his files. He is smart enough to keep you interested in listening to him. He tells you “I know I don’t have the qualifications but I love this organization and I want to work with you even if I have to go to school to better up”. You are more likely to respond to such a young man positively if you have the authority to.

This approach requires courage that we don’t see every day. But like I said if you want to achieve more you have to do more. Try to get a mentor from the organization as you go about getting your qualifications and every chance you get, go and render free services for them. If you do this right, a good job will be waiting for you even before you are qualified. This sounds simple enough and yes it is, but it is not easy. You have to be humble and sincere.

How about starting on your own?

If you want to start on your own there is one thing you should be clear about. You will meet bigger challenges, you will fall many times flat on your face. It is always better to have an idea of what you are walking into. However, there is a reason why people will see bigger challenges and still walk there. When you lift a heavyweight you build bigger muscles, right? Image result for climbing mountain

If you have a mindset to start on your own, whatever it may be. You still have several options. You can start right away, work for someone or a company or you can freelance as a platform on which to grow. This other option is not about the financial capital as it is about you. Before you run any business, there are requirements just like entering the job field. The only difference is that it is not written down. But nonetheless, you will face the consequence if you go in without the required skills, network and information.

If you work for someone or a company with starting on your own in mind, you will learn more about the field, build a network of professionals in the field and the required skills to be successful. You will also learn about the gaps in the industry which your new business may be built around. And you also get to save some money for when you finally get to work on your own. I prefer this model for the youth around here.

There is no much education on entrepreneurship at school which means most people come out without the required skills to succeed in the business world. And also, family expectation may affect you heavily when you want to start straight. Running a business will not yield overnight success. You will have to work sometimes for several years before you can start making any meaningful income from it. This does not mean you should not dare start straight up, it’s just a piece of information you need to be aware of.

Some people also prefer to work for an organization and start their business alongside. Though this approach looks and feels safe, you need to be aware it comes with bigger risk. I say this because businesses are like babies. They need the most attention at the earlier stages. Now if you only give them divided attention, they will likely wilt and die off. And it would have died with your savings and probably your motivation along.

Before you take this option, you need to study what you want to do very well. Understand the time and energy requirements. If it is okay for you to juggle between your job and the business, great! Else you may want to quit your job to give the business more focus if you are sure that is what you want to do.

With freelancing, you render your services for people without necessarily starting any business. It works well for professionals in tech but it can also work for any professional if you want to. If you have lived in a farming community you will know the term “by day”. Well, freelancing is more like that. You can render services for people in order to learn more about that field before you put your leg out.

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  1. Thanks for these poignant truths about life. I do think working on your own is a wonderful step for most youths especially given the “sort of” job market we find ourselves in currently. However as you rightly pointed out, schools do not prepare us to come out with the requisite skills to start out even on our own, sad! How do we remedy that? I would love to read an article on it. Subscribing to your newsletter. Cheers!


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