Happy to be poor: Episode 8

Desire is the inbuilt program that compels man to keep expanding. Without desire, man will still be dueling in caves, hunting and gathering whatever was left available and killing off any new people on sight. The same desire that is responsible for the growth in humanity also leave most people depressed and unhappy today. Unhappiness may come from multitude of factors. But the most visible factor is seeing a gap between where you need to be and where you are without any hope of merging the two. In happy to be poor: Episode 8, we will focus on how to handle such a gap.

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The gap between where you are and where you want to be presents the frame for you emotions.

We ended Episode 7 with questions, “How do I get a job?” “How do I work for myself when I have no money or support?” The moment you start a question with “how do I…” It gives you a certain level of responsibility. There are many life situations hunting so many people just because they have not framed proper questions for them. They assume a state of powerlessness and this is what brings unhappiness. When you realize there is something you can do about your situation you become naturally excited. You gain a level of energy that can’t be explained, and you move about feeling good. Happiness therefore comes from developing the right mindset toward your desires and life situations. You cannot feel helpless and happy at the same time, it just doesn’t work that way.

In my early days at the university, I got attracted to one girl. I was also very naive about dating and stuff like that. Overtime, I began to obsess over her each passing day and this was increasing my level of helplessness and unhappiness. Then I started hating on her. I will gossip lies about her. Talk everything negative just so I could convince myself she wasn’t good enough for me. It went on for some time until I realized I wasn’t helping my case, the more the denial, the more the pain. I took a direct action and I became even happier around her.

Whether it’s a relationship, money or any other life situation, you will remain unhappy about it till you can see your options clearly. If you can do something about it, you get to work. But sometimes the best option may be to let go, even then you need to see it clearly before it gets resolved.

How do I get a job or how do I work for myself when I have no money or support?

There is so much work to be done and yet there are so many jobless people walking the streets. This is true because there remains a big gap between the skills needed at these jobs and the people walking the streets. There are always jobs unless the person in question is not willing or incapable of taking the job.

In your journey for financial success you need to first discover yourself. Who are you and what do you want to do. If it is clear that you will do better by working for someone or an organization then you have to take action. You begin by finding out what the requirement is to work with them. If you have the requirements then go work with them, you don’t have to wait for anything. If you don’t have the requirements then take action to get the requirement.

How do I go to work if the company have not employed me?

This is where courage comes in. The universe has reserved winning for only those who try. Trying means that you become vulnerable to lots of risks and this is what scares many people to death. Overcome this fear and you will be armed with an unfair advantage in everything you do.

Even in developed worlds, an estimated 70% to 85% of jobs are not advertised. This vacancies are simply filled up somehow by the people who desire them the most. How do you show desire? You show desire by relentlessly knocking on doors.

To explain this let’s assume you are the manager of a company and someone walks in, with all requirement for employment. He asks for a job and truthfully there are no vacancies but the guy insist he wants to work with you and he is ready to start anywhere. He is able to hold you in an honest discussion to help you understand who he is, what he can bring on board and why he wants to work with you. There will only be two reasons why you won’t try him out. Either you don’t have the authority or you are not convinced about him.

What does this mean for you? It means you need to research about the company and walk to the office of the man with authority. Hold him in an honest discussion and let them understand you are ready to start anywhere and learn more. Most often than not, they may ask you to fulfil certain requirements or come later. Do not relent, go again and again. To do this, you have to be truly ready to start anywhere with the long term goal in mind. Forget about your current working condition and sacrifice it for tomorrow. Even if you are made a messenger with your degree, remember that tomorrow when there is a vacancy, you will be the reason it is not advertised. You only have to make sure you do the first job well.

I realized our question of “how do I get a job or how do I work for myself when I have no money or support?” remains about 70% unanswered. But we have exceeded word limit already so we will continue with the answer in the next episode. Do well to subscribe.



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