Happy to be poor: Episode 4

In the last episode we talked about money in the right perspective. By right, I dont mean it is the only perspective or even the only right perspective. One thing being right does not prevent others from being right. I put emphasis on this point because it is pretty much what we will talk about in Happy to be poor: episode 4.

I grew up where food wasn’t always very abundant. If you ate just a little more than your share after school, someone would probably starve till evening meal. It meant that the more you got, the less someone would. I use to be first to come home and I will wait for my brother to arrive so we can eat together despite pangs of hunger. The reason was simple, if I ate first, I will eat too little and leave the chunk for him. But he didn’t think like me, so anytime he came home earlier, he will divide the food into two halves and devour his.

This little story is relevant here because many families face similar situations. People who grow up with this scarcity mindset tend to believe that money is evil, or the love of it for that matter. This believe is ingrained in most people so much that money is often the last thing that get talked about. Parents don’t talk to their children about money. Teachers, pastors and Imams don’t talk about it either. In fact, nobody seems to talk about money. It has been made a controversial topic. Despite the role it plays in our lives, it is not even taught in school.

Where from these believes?

These strong believes about money has its routes in fear of the unknown future following many periods of economic squeezes. Those difficult periods resulted in the mindset that everything was limited. It meant that if you got plenty of a resource, someone was going to suffer. That mindset meant that when you win, someone else loses. That was why rich and successful people were seen as greedy and evil and it is still the case today. you will see how false this is in later episodes.

This believe system is so strong that people who harbour it might not even be aware of it. It plays out subtly in your decisions about money. Until this mindset is well dealt with, you will likely still have a problem with rich people while hoping to be rich. It is like a lizard running away from its shadow, there is just no hope. If you find that you still see the world through the lens of scarcity, it is time to drop it.

Remember we talked about how money comes through exchange of value. Try to see money as a measure of the value you give out to people. If you want more money, you need to give more value. The true value is your own quality which has no limit. There is no limit to how much you can think or create or do anything at all of value. If you have a lot of valuable things to talk about for instance, you can make money doing that. There are people paid $150,000 per hour just to talk. These people are paid so much because of the perceived value. Remember, money is just paper, made by humans and printed by machines. The real value is in the service or product rendered.

Money is not a limited resource, one man win is not another man’s loss

If you are honest, how does it prevent another person from being honest? The fact that I am writing this right now does not prevent any other person from writing. If you are thinking, does it stop anyone else from thinking? The value you have is yours and you can chose to do with it as you please. You have limitless amount of value in you that you could exchange for cash. The good news is that even if you think you don’t have any value, you can develop it. Every man that is great at anything had to develop it over years of practice. Talent has its part but it is very limited. Even gold has to be purified before it gives off its shine.

When you are able to see money in its true shades, you will see that money can literally be made from thin air. Identify the value you can give to the world, that is the rick. Set your plan on what you can give not on what you will get. When you give more, you will be shocked how much it is multiplied back to you. I remember the first time I made over a hundred million old cedes with just a single write up. I mentioned it in the old currency because it sounds a lot bigger than it really is. Shocked? Don’t be, you will see how technology has made it easy these days in the next episode.

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