Happy to be poor: Episode 3

Everyone can make money but very few people can be rich as mentioned in episode 2 of the happy to be poor series. How do you find what you don’t know? Imagine searching for a man named Mr Jacob in Accra if the only thing you know about him is his name. What are the chances of ever finding him? That is the case with money, most people know money by its name and probably the touch of it. But having the wrong picture of Mr Jacob will make the search rather worse. In happy to be poor: Episode 3, we will  get introduced to what money really is.

What exactly is money?

Money is actually anything you decide is valuable. Yes, you make the decision on what is valuable. People may push their impression of what is valuable on you but you still hold the final decision. Money is a measure of value but not value itself. Money has no intrinsic value in itself. Even toilet paper will do a better job at cleaning anal remains than cash. Confusing? We will put clarity to the issue of money before this episode runs out, just follow on.

Will you rather sit on bulk of cash to get from Tamale to Kumasi or give it out to a travelling company to carry you? Well, this is what I mean when I say money is a measure of value and not value itself. The value is moving from point A to B which money cannot do. But when you find anyone who is ready to offer that value, you will gladly give out the money for the value. There are social agreements on the value that is placed on almost everything. But if you dont agree with the proposed value you are likely to hold to your money.

Bill Gates paid $32M for Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebook and many people questioned why someone will pay such huge amount of money for a piece of hand written stuff? This reveals exactly what money is, money is not as real as we like to believe, it is a fiction. Today you may not want to buy a bag of sachet water at GhS 5 but in the middle of the desert you will likely pay even GhS 100 for half a sachet. That is how malleable money is. It is a measure of value and when the value is perceived higher, people are willing to pay higher.

Amount of m
A kilogram, or just over 2 pounds, of tomatoes sits next to the 5 million bolivars needed to buy the bunch at an informal market in a low-income neighborhood of Venezuela’s capital, Caracas.
What does all these talk about money mean for the people in hunt for it?

Actually it is simple, offer the value and people will willingly bring you their money. Do not make a mistake of seeking money directly, this is what ends most people in crime, corruption and other unethical ways of making money. The wrong view of money will drive the man in hunt for it nuts. Such people are willing to do anything, and I do mean anything, to get it. Even if it makes them miserable for the rest of their lives. But what is the point? isn’t money suppose to make your life easier and more joyful?

You must see money as a means to an end and not the end itself. Everything has a price but if the price exceeds the value you get for it, then you are either stupid or a moron. The price for money should not be your life or your freedom as a human being. The price for money must be the value you are willing to give off for it. It must be your willingness to help others, to provide the value and to contribute to the betterment of the world.

It is getting interesting but we have even exceeded the word count for this episode, so catch the continuation in episode 4.





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