Happy to be poor: Episode 2

I know there are people who claim to be happy being poor and they preach poverty in the name of contentment. It is not a problem when you are truly happy being poor as discussed in episode 1 of the Happy to be poor series. however, do not complain when one man own 300 cars or takes break fast in Dubai and lunch in the Bahamas. Everyone deserves to live according to their own terms. If poor and unsuccessful people were truly happy about their position, there wouldn’t be jealousy and hatred for the rich and successful.

Desire is not a lack of gratitude.  Desire is the natural state of all creation for continuous expansion. Every creation seeks advancement, even the universe is an expanding one. Desire does not also mean a lack of contentment. You need to appreciate what you have before you can get what you desire. For it is with what you have that you get what you want. You can’t move from one point to another until you are able to see the difference in the two points A to B.

If you want to be rich, you first need to be clear about it in your mind. Then you need to identify and dissolve all poverty-inclined mindset. You can’t claim to want greatness while accepting mediocrity. First you have to reject that which you do not want so you can go after what you want completely without holding back.Money qoute

Many people tend to harbour poverty mindsets but wants to be rich. The reason is simple, they do not believe they are responsible for their lives. Many people have hopes that greatness will happen to them. They deeply hope that one day they wake up with a mountain of gold and all their problems gone. They believe they were destined for their lives. That is the reason sport betting and other games of chance are the order of the day.

If you are one of the people with this mindset you first need to drop it. Take a cue from history, great nations, scientist, musicians, sportsmen etc. How many of them came by accident. Greatness comes with a personal responsibility. You have to take the control in order to change the things you don’t want in your life. Nobody is coming from anywhere to do that for you.

Poor people will always be poor but rich people can get broke. Poverty is a mindset and if you have that mindset, you will win a million dollars in lottery and remain poor. You have seen people who have made great amounts of money and back to empty bank balance in no time. That is because they are poor in the mind. Anyone can make money but not many people can be rich. And if you think merely having cash can be equated to being rich then you need to question your financial awareness.

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