Happy to be poor: Episode 1

Are you happy to be poor and mediocre? Do you consider yourself a poor person to begin with? Every great story has a starting point. The problem with majority of people is that they start the story from the middle or end. And they read about the glory and miss the sacrifices. In this series we try to clear off the poverty-ridden mindsets to give room for growth mindset.

One day I went for a seminar in Tamale. And just as I was about to enter I head  two guys speaking to each other. Apparently they had asked about the event and was told it was an entrepreneurship seminar. One of them said “Those that say you do not need capital to start a business, its b.s lets bounce” and they went away.

There are two major personal growth blocks in this short story. One is, taking assumptions for truth and the other is not seeking to know more about what you do not understand. These two growth blocks forms a great threat to personal growth for many people. We will talk about both in detail later in this series.

Isn’t it shocking that many people you ask, expresses desire to achieve massive success but make efforts to keep poor mindsets? “Money makes money”, “it takes huge capital to start a business”, “the rich continue to be rich and the poor, poor” and many of these kind of sayings populates our discussions. This mostly comes from the people who feel they are poor and do not have money to start anything by themselves. While all these statements look and feel true, it is nothing short of a poverty acceptance speech.

“If you are poor, you will continue to be poor”, but you are poor and you want to be rich. Can’t you see the contradiction in that?  But many people go about their lives thinking this way but still wonder why they cant find success. They want to have their cake and eat it. Besides, what makes you think the rich were always rich? It is important to note that majority of billionaires are self made. Only 13.3% of the world’s 2,604 billionaires inherited their wealth entirely. That is according to World billionaire census 2019. Do not believe stuff because many people say it, you need to really take a look yourself. Remember that many people are poor and you don’t want to be many people.

I am not saying poverty is bad. And I’m not saying one should not be poor. Neither am I saying that everyone should try to get rich. Success has no definition but that which you give to it. So if you think it is okay for you to be poor and mediocre, then great. Go ahead and harbour your self limiting believes. The problem is that not many people are satisfied with poverty and mediocrity. Most people want to be greatly successful in all measures. Who wouldn’t want to live in a decent home, travel the world and help people?  Everyone wants that. If you don’t, this series is not for you but if you do, consider subscribing to be notified so you dont miss the continuation. Enjoy your day!





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