For every reason why it’s not possible, there are hundreds of people who have faced similar circumstances and succumbed. Lots of people overcome these ‘limiting’ factors which means no matter how limiting these factors are, you can’t allow it to limit you as a person.

Think of it, sometimes when an activity you need to do is approaching you to look at it and thinks “Oh God, how do I even begin?”, but when the time comes when you have to do it, you start somehow only to see that it was never as hard as you thought and that is how life in general is.

In life there are no deadlines, there are no compulsions or ought to’s. You have to do everything by yourself if you want to succeed and this is when it gets hard. You can do it but you just don’t know it yet because no one is forcing you to. Do you think you can’t ever learn how to swim? Now ask yourself what if your life depended on it?

The fact is that there is so much we can do but procrastination, laziness and lack of self belief are the true limiting factors and not the external so-called roadblocks. If you are self motivated you will be compelled to push harder and that is how any form of success is achieved and not trying for a few days and giving up….

I think these five major points are the steps to take in moving forward from the idea stage to action.

  1. Visualize your idea and think of how it could be achieved
  2. Learn about the requirements to achieve the idea
  3. Access your inputs and determine where you need external help
  4. Do more research and get down to specific activities you need to do
  5. Put on your working shoes and get to work.

This involves a series of talking to others, carrying out feasibility studies, market surveys and all those things that will point to you to whether your idea is needed. It is only after you have achieved this that you can have a real external problems but not during the process.

I realized so many people just put a lack of funds as the reason why they are not doing anything meanwhile when you hand the money to them, they have no idea what step to take. This happens because seeing lack of funds as a problem blocks you from doing all that you could have done without funds which means you have no business and when the money even comes to trust me you won’t know that is the funds you needed.

Today if you ask yourself how much you need to start a company like Facebook, you will say ooops, I can’t get it. But when Mark Zuckerberg was building it he never thought of this, he got some 1000 dollar loans from friends to put together the working concept and things took care of themselves from there. That is the point am trying to make…Many of the big companies you see today started from garages and on the streets.
Amazon, Apple, Google, Hewlett Packard, Disney, need I say more?
97_full.jpegFirst Apple headquarters was in that garage

Dear friend, if you have the passion then get your dream started no matter how small. You will meet failures and difficult times but you need to persevere and push ahead. Never be shy to ask for help and don’t be scared to share your dreams for you do not know when you will meet a potential partner. You can change the game plan from time to time but never quit and you will have to succeed in the end……..


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