Are we always in charge?

Where were you? Wrong! That was not what I meant. I know you always have to be somewhere. Well, Let me rephrase, where were you before you were ever here? Of course you have no idea, neither do I. Are we always in charge?

Did you chose your parents, continent and birth country? Did you chose your skin color or gender or your natural abilities?
Do you remember choosing to be who you are? How about those that died on their first day here?  Did any of us have a choice in this? Are we always in charge?

Now am sure you may be wondering where this is going. I don’t intend this to be a long one so I will just go straight to the point. There is so much talk of free will. That man can chose freely to do what he wills. Some people have taken this too far to the point of thinking man can choose not to die.

Free choice may not be as free as we like to think

I have heard people say, that everyone is responsible for where there are in life today. That life is a choice. But is that always the case? Does this apply to everyone and in all situations? I’m not saying we should not take responsibility over our lives but is life condition always a choice for everyone?

Where then do we place talent? How about the children who are born millionaires? A child was born to poor farmer in Sudan and another was born to C. Ronaldo in Portugal. None of them had a choice. Yet by shear fate they were born into this very different life conditions. If you think of a life as a competition, one child is starting at the end line while another is starting several million kilometers from the start line.

It is not always up-to us. It does a lot of good for one to be aware of this especially when in glory. Sometimes success can be blinding. I’m not suggesting your success was out of shear luck but you need to know sometimes things just happen to be. It is true that sometimes people are able to fight hard and change their situation around but it is important to note that million others have fought harder without ever finding the way.

We need to realize that it is not always every part of our journey that we have control over. One can try many times to find success to no avail. Then someday something happens that changes the narrative. Some people call it luck others call it blessing , what ever you choose to call it, it does exist.

Acknowledging this ensures you don’t look down on anyone below you in the ladder of life. You don’t also think that they are just a bunch of low-witted-lazy-boned-piece of junk. Many people fight so hard everyday but not everyone will make it. I don’t know who calls the shots but that is the fact. The odds of everyone beating the odds is that huge.

This is all about understanding the balance of life and making peace with it. You have seen and heard the story of people who made it out of nothing. But if you listen with your eyes, you will hear that millions of others have done better yet never saw the light. Stories are told of how Thomas Edison failed a thousand times before inventing the light bulb. He could have died while he was still trying. In that case, we probably wouldn’t even know him today. Thousands of people have gone down that path. Are we always in charge?

Man’s responsibility?

This is not to say man has no responsibility over his life. Just that not everyone has the same opportunities. People are limited by many things including the environment they belong, the information they are exposed to and the life conditions they were born into. The advent of the internet and mass free education in recent times seems to have brought some kind of a leveled ground. It is an opportunity to go against the odds, lets see it that way and make use of it.

After acknowledging your starting point, make a plan and go to work. We cannot blame you for things you have not chosen, but we can judge you for not trying. And one has to learn to take glory in the process not just for end goal. It may never come but the fact that you are trying your best makes you a winner.

This is for my fellow hustlers, be easy on yourself and do things knowing that you are an entire creation. Our planet earth may depend on other forces to remain on course on its journey around the sun but that does not mean it should focus on what the sun is doing. It has to focus on keeping the green plants green, maintaining our oxygen concentration and other important things.  Take it easy and do things your own way. In anything you do, make sure you are doing your best. Do not border too much on the end goal. Your best may not get you there but you have to take glory in knowing you gave it your best.

You also need to make use of the internet in a productive way. Train yourself to be researcher. Read books, get as much information as possible that relates to what you want to do. Our parents did not have this opportunity we have today. Today you can train yourself in a complete profession online for free. Lets get active and do our best at life. There may be a lot of things that are outside our control but there are definitely a lot of things that we can do. You can read on personal development and try to understand the its associated myths.

As long as you are walking each day, as long us you keep believing, as long us you keep making efforts and as long us you are still alive, keep the fire in your heart on and keep pushing. Learn from others but do it your way. That is what brings variety to the world. And the next time you see someone who is not as successful as you are, before you call him a piece of shit, pause, ask yourself, are we always in charge?


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