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Hey! I’m Dr. Kannde, a serial entrepreneur, investor and digital innovation consultant based in Ghana but work for clients across the globe.

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You want your event to be filled with actionable talk or lectures on innovation, digital transformation or business startup and development

You are a wannabe entrepreneur and need directions on how to get started and where to find the right information for your growth

You want to get more value to your customers with less effort and maximize your return on investment through Digital Transformation and process innovation

You want to build online presence for your person or organization and to build and protect your online brand and organizational reputation


I help young people in academics, entrepreneurship, career and professional development through mentorship and personal life coaching. If you need any help regarding personal development or any matter regarding your personal growth and life path, contact me and I will work with you to forge ahead.

Full Bio

Dr Kannde is a highly motivated individual with expertise in Digital Innovation, social entrepreneurship, digital marketing, business analytics and medical research as well as clinical practice. Kannde is a Lean thinking enthusiast and has co-founded Lean Ghana Network which trains wannabe entrepreneurs and established companies on the lean process as well as help companies implement innovation culture seamlessly.

He is a Digital Innovation Consultant for startups and established companies and for individuals starting their entrepreneurship journey. As a medical scientist, Dr. Kannde links both local and foreign medical equipment suppliers to medical facilities in Ghana and coordinates medical research projects targeting rural populations in Ghana.

Kannde started self-education on entrepreneurship and innovation at age 16 and launched his first successful business (Starna Farms) in 2013. His unsatisfying curiosity turned to a personal hobby for knowledge and new experiences. Since 2013, he has worked with teams to develop both social and profit oriented businesses of varying sizes and organizational structure.

As a tech-savvy innovation consultant, he works with companies to develop framework to handle digital transformation and adapt to the fast changing business environment. He also works with management in digital product and process development as well as building brand online presence and managing reputation. Kannde is an independent data analyst using Python and SQL for analysis and excel for data visualization and presentation. He volunteers for projects in social ventures and non-profit NGOs.

As a professional doctor in medical science, He coordinates and build teams for research in areas of hematology, medical microbiology, chemical pathology, histopathology and blood banking especially targeting rural populations. He hopes to contribute to larger projects as a way of giving back through his primary professional background.

Kannde is on a mission to help people and organizations in Africa to tap in and use the power of digital transformation to achieve more with less effort and capital. Bringing the experimental mindset of his science background into play, he makes diagnosing businesses easy and fun.
When he is not solving business problems or mentoring young entrepreneurs, Kannde is probably reading, playing football or Chess.


Curtis Akunfu

Lean Startup Consultant

“I have not met many people I can consider genius, Dr. Kannde is one, the way he diagnoses business problems is amazing and his approach to solving them is just out of this world”

Al-hassan Suraiya

CEO of Raiya Fashion Collage

“I worked with Dr. Kannde as a mentee and his genius way of mentoring and concept development paved way for Raiya Fashion Collage”


Ceo of Naab Blanks Ventures

“ We had problems with our service delivery processes and user experiences Dr. Kannde worked with our team to implement solutions seamlessly, I never thought what seemed so simple could lead to over 30% increase in sales in less than a 6 months”