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I’m a Digital Innovation consultant, coach & educator. I help wannabe entrepreneurs through conceptualization to product development through lean approach. I also work with established organizations in implementing innovation culture so they can achieve a sustainable growth in this fast changing business environment.

"There are two options for growth, one is to figure it out yourself and two is to learn from the one who has, the latter is the way of the wise" Dr. Ehm Kannde

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What is this Digital Innovation consulting thing?

Some people call it the Industry 4.0 and we are right in the middle, it is the digital age, you either flow with the change or die. There is an exponential rate of change in digital transformation. There are new ways to engage customers, more innovation in the workforce and more opportunities to harness data insights as just a few of the benefits that digital transformation brings.

With a comprehensive strategies to aid in digital transformation, I work with your team to accelerate your organization’s journey to unlock productivity gains across all levels of your operations and get more with less.

I have worked with many businesses from developing a digital business strategy that is aligned to key business objectives, to developing digital products or building online presence and reputation management and if you want to bring more value to your customers through digital processes this may be your best fit.

As a Digital Innovation Consultant, I focus on a holistic approach for business digitalization which includes process transformation, management digitization and I focus on delivering business value with in-depth knowledge of business operations and processes, combined with the latest digital technologies and industry-specific transformation needs.

I do everything digital, from web development to development of industry standard tools for digital business environment.  I will handle everything for you in ways that will exceed your expectation and bring more value to you and your business. I work for individuals, small to medium size business as well as large firms.

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Dr Ehm Kannde

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I always wanted to be my own boss but I had my doubts getting started, Dr. Kannde took me through the process and I will recommend him for anyone

Ernestina Brenya

CEO of Student Empowerment Foundation

I use to work completely offline until I met Dr Kannde, he built an invaluable online presence for me. I have since then passed all my digital needs through him

Curtis Akunfu

Lean Startup Consultant & Entrepreneur

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